General Info & Glossary

Art & Logo Setup

There is NO LOGO SETUP CHARGE for artwork submitted under VECTOR ART GUIDELINES

Vector (adobe illustrator (ai), eps or vector pdf)

   •  Used for logos, text, and illustrations

   •  Can be scaled to any size without distortion

   •  Must be submitted in black and white

   •  Remains sharp at any resolution


A vector file is used for the etching process


Raster (scanned images, jpgs, tifs, gifs, bmps, or raster pdfs)

   •  Defined by pixels

   •  Cannot be scaled without distortion

   •  Resolution dependent (not clear when resized)

   •  Logo setup charge $62.50 (g)

   •  Highly complex raster images may incur additional charges

In order to maintain the clarity of the art and text, a raster file will need to be redrawn before it can be used in the etching process.


Submit artwork to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


PLEASE NOTE: If a raster image is saved in a vector format, that doesn't change the actual art into a vector image.


Art Proofs

To ensure accuracy of production, proofs will be emailed for all orders at no charge. Failure to approve proofs in a timely fashion could result in delivery delays, expedited shipping charges and rush order charges. Ship dates cannot be guaranteed for orders that are held up due to credit issues, missing artwork or delayed art approval.


Virtual Sampling

Virtual proofs should be requested when the purchase order is submitted. Virtual sampling is available free of charge for all items on our website File formats excepted by virtual tool are: .PNG, .JPEG, .TIFF & .GIF. For best logo results a black .PNG file with a transparent background should be used.

Virtual images are for illustration purposes only and not a proof. Artwork will be set-up for deep or light etch after an order is placed and alterations will be made based on production guidelines. Light etch cannot be shown on virtual proofs due to gaps that are needed in artwork. Please direct questions to customer service.

Copy Setup &  Personalizations

There are No Setup Charges for Copy and Personalizations on all awards (pages 2-116).

Copy and personalization charges ($7.50g) apply to pages: 118-191.


Copy within artwork must be sent in outlines or accompanied by the font file. Additional copy and personalization must be sent in Adobe illustrator PDF or Microsoft Word document. Copy not submitted in proper format will result in art charges.


Blank Orders

All items are available "blank" (not etched) at 20% below the end quantity price. Blank returns are subject to a 10% restocking fee.



Consuming foods or beverages that have been kept or serving leaded crystal products or handling products made of leaded crystal will expose you to lead – a chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects of other reproductive harm.



ColorMark allows you to add full color artwork to flat awards and gifts through our UV printing process. This process is ideal for full color images and also provides the opportunity to combine color to your deep etch logo. Items available in ColorMark are indicated throughout the catalog. Please see Art & Logo Set-up guidelines on page 195 for art set-up fees. ColorMark items are available for the same price as deep etch; if adding ColorMark to a deep etch item, please add $10(g) for an award and $5(g) for a gift.

Combination Orders

A single order for multiple items with a category is eligible for combination pricing.


No part of this catalog may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, without the prior written permission of Sterling Cut Glass Company, Inc. FairwayTM and ForeTM represent registered trademarks of Sterling Cut Glass.

Custom Order/Non-Catalog Merchandise

We have access to thousands of products not listed in this catalog. Custom order or special order merchandise requires payment in advance (minimum 50% deposit) to initiate the order. Overruns and underruns up to 10% are industry standard. Orders for custom order merchandise are non-cancellable.

Drop Shipping/Split Shipments

For drop shipping directly from Sterling to your recipients, please add an additional $5(g) per address plus shipping charges. Names and addresses must be supplied alphabetically in Microsoft ExcelTM format (call customer service for template). 


An extra charge may apply for a certain customer-supplied insertions. Please contact customer service for details.

Etching Areas

Etching areas listed are approximate. Sizing for your artwork will be determined by a number of factors, including shape of artwork, complexity of detail and specific customer requests. Contact customer service for further details regarding your artwork. 


Etching Process

See Etching Techniques for a detailed explanation of our processes.

Freight Claims/Breakage

We carefully package all shipments to ensure safe arrival. In the unlikely event of breakage in transit, however, you must save for inspection the outer carton, all packing materials, and contents. Contact your distributor immediately. Sterling will initiate the claim for breakage or shortage on FedEx shipments. However, we must be notified within 48 hours of receipt of goods in order to honor your claim. Replacements will be shipped via ground service within 48 hours of the breakage report.



Sterling Cut Glass guarantees all workmanship to be first quality. Because most of our offerings are hand crafted, it is natural for small air bubbles, chill marks and flow lines to appear. These unique variations are not considered defects. We make every effort to select pieces which demonstrate the finest representation of the craft, and to minimize any appearance of these characteristics in or around the etching area. Returns cannot be accepted without prior written authorization.


International Shipments

A shipping account number is required for all international shipments. A handling charge of $12(g) will apply per international destination. Phone numbers are required call customer service for template. Custom Duties and Taxes may apply and will be charged to the 3rd party shipper's account number, and could be billed 90 days or more after shipment.



All capacities and sizes listed in this catalog are approximate and include the width of handles and dimensions of bases where applicable.


Minimum Orders

Our minimum order is $50 (net). There is a $15 (net) less-than-minimum charge for orders below $50.


Office HoursFFICE HOURS 

Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives are ready to assist distributors. Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. EST. Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Opposite Side Etching

Some items allow space for a second side etch (e.g. the opposite side of a trophy or drinking glass). Please add a deep etch charge of $5.00 (g) per glass or small gift item and $10.00 (g) per trophy or award. In the case of large volume glassware orders opposite side light etching, where available, may be added for a surcharge of $1.50 (g) per glass. 


Order Confirmations

All P.O.'s are acknowledged via email. Please review the confirmation very carefully for any discrepancies, and notify us immediately to make any corrections.


Overruns and Underruns

Sterling aims to ship exact quantities though large glassware orders (250+) may be subject to a standard 5% over/under run policy.


All merchandise is attractively packaged in protective boxes suitable for presentation as listed:

All barware, when not packaged in bulk, is tissued and gift boxed.


BULK PACKAGING: Manufacturer's corrugated box, with partitions to protect contents.


GIFT BOX: A colored, coated corrugated box; contents are wrapped in decorative tissue (and protective foam as necessary).


PRESENTATION BOX: A rigid, laminated board box with the inside fitted to cradle and protect the contents. Available with optic crystal awards only.


DECANTER SET GIFT BOX: Designer packaging, including full telescoping lid for 3 and 5 piece decanter sets.


Presentation Box Standard Gift Box


 3-Piece Presentation Box                         5-Piece Presentation Box


Payment Terms

Net 30 terms and credit limits may be established and maintained for qualified accounts. Sterling accepts personal or business checks. Pre-payment by credit card, check, or wire transfer is required for all other orders.

PGA Tour® & Kentucky Derby® Licensee

Sterling Cut Glass is able to offer qualified customers the use of the PGA Tour®, Champions Tour®, Nationwide Tour® and Kentucky Derby® logos on most pieces. Please call for details.


Production Time

Standard production time is 7-10 business days from receipt of order and artwork, plus time in transit. If a paper proof or product proof is required, please allow one week to produce order after proof approval. Failure to approve proofs in a timely fashion could result in delivery delays, expedited shipping charges and rush order charges. During peak times of the year production times may vary.

Purchase Orders

A purchase order accepted by Sterling Cut Glass is a binding contract. Upon mutual written agreement, a P.O. may be canceled for a fee of $50, plus all incurred costs. Orders received after 2pm EST is considered as next business day.

Rush Orders

An order submitted allowing less than 5 working days may be subject to a 10% rush surcharge – $25 (net) minimum and possible expedited delivery charges. Please call sales or customer service for available production time.


Random samples requested to ship same day must be submitted by 1pm EST. Spec samples are invoiced for the cost of the item plus shipping charges. Random and blank samples must be prepaid by credit card unless net 30 terms have been pre-established. Samples $25 (net) per piece or greater may be returned for credit when merchandise is returned in good condition within 30 days. Freight charges cannot be credited. Shipper number may be required.


Orders are shipped prepaid with freight and handling charges added to the invoice. All shipments are F.O.B. Erlanger, KY 41018 (Greater Cincinnati, Ohio). Our standard method of shipping is FedEx ground; however, common carrier truck shipments, as well as, air freight services are also available. Shipments will be automatically accompanied by a shipping notification via e-mail when an e-mail address is provided. C.O.D. orders are not accepted. Third party shipping is available at no charge. Due to variances in packing and freight carriers, all freight estimates are estimates only. Additional charges may apply when incorrect shipping addresses are given on purchase orders. 


Liability for correct use of a trademark, crest or logo rests with the customer. The logos shown in this catalog represent orders from our customers and are used for illustration purposes only. These logos are the exclusive property of the respective institutions. Sterling Cut Glass cannot accept distributor orders for golf and country clubs using golf and country club crests or logos, without the direct written permission of the club profession or authorized club representative.


Prices are effective through 12/31/19; subject to change without notice.



Due to the delicate nature of glass and crystal, hand washing is recommended. Dry with a lint-free cloth to prevent scratching. To avoid breakage, do not expose glass or crystal to extreme temperatures or to abrupt temperature changes.


The process of glassmaking has remained essentially the same since ancient times. Most glass is a mixture of silica, obtained from beds of fine sand or from pulverized sandstone, an alkali to lower the melting point, usually a form of soda or potash for finer glass, lime as a stabilizer and cullet (waste glass to assist in melting the mixture).  

The materials are fused at high temperatures in seasoned kilns, boiled down, skimmed, and cooled several hundreds of degrees. The molten glass is ladled or poured into molds and pressed or blown (sometimes into molds). The shaped glass is annealed to relieve stresses caused by manipulation, then is slowly cooled.


Non-lead crystal is glass with a high content of potash, yielding weight, clarity and sparkle without adding lead content.


The addition of lead to the glassmaking process yields a product with increased luster, clarity and weight. It is also a slightly softer material than glass, which lends itself well to hand cutting and polishing. Leaded crystal varies in lead composition, but to be considered full lead crystal, the lead content must be 24% or higher. The higher the lead content, the more sparkle is achieved, but more skill is required to form a shape at the blowing stage.


Optical crystal is among the finest of all crystals available. With no lead content, it is clarified to a 100% optically clear state by the addition of barium, which results in a perfectly flawless clear glass that shines brightly under any light source. Optical crystal is manufactured in large thick sheets, and while still molten, is subjected to tremendous pressure to insure no bubbles, flow lines or other distortion. Optical crystal is 100% lead free and extremely hard.


Starfire crystal is a lead-free, low iron product that presents high clarity resembling that of optical crystal, but at lower cost. Highly polished, this material produces a bright white sparkle and is therefore sometimes referred to as "white glass".


A unique artistic technique where clear crystal is permanently encased in a translucent layer of richly colored crystal.


Pewter is a metal alloy consisting primarily of tin. Pewter does not tarnish. Always wash pewter products by hand in warm soapy water and dry with a soft cotton towel. Pewter products are all hand crafted and are food safe, containing no lead.


A patented state of the art mixture of ceramic and porcelain, (KeramnextTM) yielding the detailed perfection of porcelain and the weight and durability of ceramic. All pieces feature hand applied glazes and 24K gold detailing. To clean, gently wipe with a damp cloth.


Sterling’s aluminum products are food safe. Each piece is sand cast and polished from a metal alloy consisting mostly of aluminum. Slight variations in finish and surface texture are the result of this handmade process, and are considered intrinsic to their unique design. The acids in certain foods may cause discoloration. A light coating of vegetable oil prior to use can help prevent this. If polishing or extra cleaning becomes necessary, apply a non-abrasive metal polish and gently buff with a soft cotton cloth.


Silver-plated products are genuine silver, plated over brass. Silver plated products are all lead-free and food safe. All silver will tarnish over time, particularly in humid conditions. If polishing is necessary, use a silver polishing compound and gently buff the surface with a soft cotton cloth so as not to erode or scratch plating.


Nickel-plated products are genuine nickel, plated over brass. This durable finish is highly tarnish resistant. To clean, gently buff the surface with a soft cotton cloth.


Copper-plated products are genuine copper, plated over brass. This durable finish is tarnish resistant. To clean, gently buff the surface with a soft cotton cloth.


Antiqued brass products are brass-plated with a layer of antique finish and lacquer-sealed. This durable finish is tarnish-resistant. To clean, gently buff the surface with a soft cloth.


Acacia wood products are handcrafted from acacia wood, a sustainable hardwood grown and replanted in Thailand. Food safe. Hand clean with a damp cloth.


Bamboo wood products are handcrafted from bamboo, a durable stalk fiber sustainably harvested from China. Food safe. Hand wash in soap and warm water. Towel dry or air dry on edge.


Our leatherette collection feature soft faux leather products with distinctive colors revealed beneath the surface when engraved for maximum logo presentation.


*Attention California residents. Proposition 65 WARNING: Consuming foods or beverages that have been kept of served in leaded crystal products or handling products made of leaded crystal will expose you to lead – a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.